Work I Take Pride In

Escape Room @ FSA

One of the early projects from the team at Edutainment, we had to create and organize an escape room at the Armenian Street Festival in Bucharest, Romania. 

The Festival team wanted to create a more innovative way for the participants to discover the story behind the former Armenian School in Bucharest. The building itself was part of the festival grounds. So we decided to create an escape room. Participants would have to face different trials in order to get more information about what we called “the hidden story of the Armenian School”. Only by finding all the information planted could they figure out the last challenge and escape. 

It was fun to work on and even more fun to see people enjoying themselves while discovering interesting stories and trying to escape.

The Undercover Donut

The second card game created at with the team at Edutainment. We wanted to create a game focused on ideas like decision making, risky gambles and priorities. So The Undercover Donut was born. 

In this game you’re competing against other players in order to create the most delicious donut possible. You have to chose your ingredients while trying to hold on to them. The game will work against you, trying to steal your donut’s deliciousness away and the other players won’t exactly give you a helping hand.

It’s fast, it’s thrilling, it’s engaging, and although there’s a lot of sugar involved, you don’t get fat! You might be craving for a donut by the end though. 

Kids vs Nannies

The very first card game and project with the Edutainment team. Hopefully, in years to come, we’ll say “this is where it all began” or that “this is our signature project”. 

Kids vs Nannies is all about teamwork. Or at least it should be. The players are a bunch of kids up to no good. They have several mischiefs to accomplish while not getting caught by the Nanny. Easier said than done, especially because it’s only a semi-cooperative game, depending on the players. Just to spice things up, only the players with the most accomplished mischiefs wins. 

This year on Kickstarter! Visit our facebook page to keep up with the latest news regarding Kids vs Nannies as well as the launch date for the crowdfunding campaign. 

Divergent Project Manager

One of the main projects I’ve worked on while part of the team at Colors in Projects, Divergent PM was “my baby”. Together with Simona, CEO, we reshaped how students learn at the Project Management Masters’ Program at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration.  This program is certified by PMI – Project Management Institute.

I had the opportunity to apply gamification mechanics, principles and techniques to an actual study program. By using gamification, student engagement simply sky-rocketed. They were engaged, they were learning and hungry for more.

It was really fun, and one of my favorite milestones in my gamification journey.

Agile Mammoths Games

Agile Mammoths Games, formerly known as …even Mammoths can be Agile, is an IT conference organised in Cluj-Napoca. The organizers? Colors in Projects! The goal? Further understanding of Agile methodologies and best practices for IT professionals. The what? Gamification. 

We used gamification elements to change the shape and feeling of the conference. Participants were actively engaged and wouldn’t just sit around and listen to various speakers talking about best practices. They had a story line, a team identity, missions to accomplish, resources to gather and points to earn. . Activities included: Agile Talks, workshops, puzzles, tabletop *serious* games such as getKanban and the in-house crafted PM Galaxy and more.

Needless to say that it was a success among participants.

PM Galaxy

My very first serious game. PM Galaxy is a competitive and cooperative board game for 3-5 players. Each player controls a project and has to successfully manage it through all 5 stages of a project’s life-cycle. The first player to gain all proper approvals, documents and resources wins. 

To gain resources and pass every stage, a player must correctly answer quizzes and overcome day-to-day challenges in project management. Players can also trade resources or may be forced to, depending on the game play. 

It’s a great tool for learning the basics or testing your knowledge regarding project management. And it was really fun and challenging to create it. We even tried a Kickstarter campaign to fund it but quickly realized that serious games aren’t meant for Kickstarter. Not yet anyway.

More details coming soon!