September 24, 2017


Edutainment – the art of combining education and entertainment. Edutainment has been around for a long time and yet people still say “oh” when hearing about it. I think of it as the Father of Gamification, game-based learning and serious games. And that is why I’m the Co-Founder of Edutainment. An NGO that specializes in bringing some much needed fun into learning.

At Edutainment, we use gamification, game-based learning and serious games while trying to provide a gameful experience for everyone we encounter. We provide training sessions, coaching, consultancy and some unique projects, in order to shape a better working place and to create an engaging learning process. We believe that games can help shape a better version of yourself, if used properly.

Our client is you! If you’re a business man, we got you covered. If you’re looking for a training session in one of the topics we cover, we got your back. You can even be a parent trying to educate your child. We have something for you too.

Imagine a world where games aren’t just something recreational with pointless objectives to accomplish. Imagine a world in which games help you harness new skills, build character and help you find out more about yourself. Ready? 🙂

This is our team:

From left to right: Setin, Daniela, Teo.

I you want to learn more about Edutainment or think we might collaborate on something, check out our website. In addition, check out our first game – Kids vs Nannies – this year on Kickstarter!