September 24, 2017


 Welcome to Try Gamification. My name is Setin and I will be your host. You may be wondering who I am. Otherwise why would you be visiting this page?

Well, I am Setin. I have a passion for life, education and games and I strongly believe that the last two go well together. I’m the type of guy who believes in trial and error, in the sense that we can never truly become experts in something. We can only learn, practice, learn some more, give it our best and hope for the best. But if we fail, we shouldn’t be disappointed, because failure is covered in lessons. And that’s how experience is gained. Through trial and error. I could talk for days about this, gamification and other exciting stuff and how we can implement all of this in our personal and professional growth and that is precisely the reason why I started this blog.

I’m currently engaged in a couple of cool projects and I’ve done some other neat stuff as well so do check out the Projects section. Who knows, maybe my next project will be with you! 🙂

If you have any questions let me know. And do leave your thoughts in the comment sections, I’m always up for a good debate. Also, it would let me know that I’m not writing posts for myself. I don’t mind having a digital agenda, but it would be awesome to know that people find this blog useful.

Oh and, if you think I’m good at this and might be interesting as a speaker or trainer, feel free to send me an e-mail with your proposal. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.