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Using game elements and mechanics to actively engage your audience.

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game-based learning

Using actual games in the process of learning & development for practical purposes.

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serious games

Creating games which have a purpose different than fun: learning and engagement.

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gameful experience

Providing game-like experiences in order to boost engagement, sales and more.

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A refreshing approach on an old clasic

Gaming for knowledge is an ideal way to study. Whether you're applying gamification techniques, game-based learning via serious games (or other types of games) or are just having some gameful experiences, the goal is the same: furthering your knowledge and abilities in a fun and engaging way. Of course, gamification can be applied in many other fields, not just education, and a gameful experience can occur anywhere. But my focus is education so we will mostly talk about that here. As for the frequency of posts on a certain topic, you can check the stats on the right. But don't confuse them with an actual rule, they are merely informative and subject to change. Especially if I decide to write about unicorns. Who doesn't like unicorns?

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